Why 2492 B.C

Why 2492 B.C

At 2492bc, we believe that fashion can do more than just make us look good - it can also be a powerful tool for promoting cultural understanding, sustainability, and social responsibility. That's why we've made it our mission to celebrate and preserve the unique history, traditions, and art of Armenia through our high-quality, stylish apparel and accessories. But our commitment to Armenia goes beyond just creating beautiful products - we also strive to give back to the community by donating a majority of our profits to projects that benefit the people and security of Armenia.

Our passion for Armenian culture is rooted in our own history. The year 2492 BC is considered the beginning of the Armenian calendar and marks the start of a rich cultural heritage that has been preserved over thousands of years. From the intricate embroidery and weaving techniques used in traditional Armenian textiles, to the ancient art of khachkars (stone crosses), Armenia's history is reflected in its art, architecture, and craftsmanship.

At 2492bc, we work closely with local artisans and designers to ensure that every item we sell is a reflection of this rich heritage. From handcrafted jewelry to hand-embroidered scarves, each piece is made with care and attention to detail. We also strive to use sustainable and ethical practices in our sourcing and manufacturing, to minimize our environmental impact and support fair labor practices.

But we don't just stop at creating beautiful products. We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of Armenians by donating a majority of our profits to projects that benefit the community. From supporting local schools and hospitals to promoting cultural exchange programs, our goal is to help make Armenia a better place for all its people.

We believe that fashion can be a powerful way to promote cultural understanding and appreciation, and we are proud to be part of a movement that celebrates the beauty and richness of Armenian culture. By supporting 2492bc, you are not only getting high-quality, stylish products - you are also making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who call Armenia home.

Join us in celebrating Armenia's rich cultural heritage, while making a positive impact on the lives of its people.

Shop 2492bc today and be part of our socially responsible fashion movement.